Accord Group wins HR Excellence Award “Best Executive Search Firm” 2023

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Accord Group wins HR Excellence Award “Best Executive Search Firm” 2023 Mar 18, 2023

Accord Group wins HR Excellence Award “Best Executive Search Firm” 2023

Since 2010, the HR Excellence Awards have shone a light on the Belgian HR sector’s finest employers and service providers. We are very proud to announce that this year, Accord Group won the award in the “Best Executive Search Firm” category for our revolutionary approach to measuring complexity, both in the candidate and the organization, and to linking it to human development.

Why did we win this award and what are the challenges nowadays?

To measure leader-to-context alignment, Accord Group uses a scientifically based methodology, which we developed.

Organizations today must strive for a better alignment between leaders and context that is increasing in complexity and places new demands on organizations. As society and organizations continue to evolve, employees also evolve, and it is crucial to place them in roles that align with their personal development.

By doing so, leaders can add value and build trust, as they are placed in contexts that suit them. Assessments should take a more dynamic and integrated approach to address management, rather than focusing narrowly on a person's behavior in a single context.

It all begins with understanding the complexity of the context that needs to be managed. Research shows that people are most productive when the context offers the right level of complexity and aligns with their personal values and preferred behavior.

Context is an important but often overlooked predictor of a leader's success. Even the most talented leaders can only thrive if their skills are suited to the challenges of their environment.

Regular assessments often fail to capture this dynamic accurately. Leaders typically have "spikey" profiles that do not align well with every context and assessing "leader to context" alignment is often subjective, rigid, and limiting.

Valpeo Personal Dynamics assessments take a scientific approach to map a person's capacity and potential to handle complexity, as well as their individual values system and preferred behavior. Understanding how leaders think, feel, and act provides a broader perspective of the context in which they can reach their full potential.

At Accord Group and Valpeo, we firmly believe that when leaders are matched with the right context, they will autonomously and intuitively create value for their organization.

Why does this award matter so much?

The “Best Executive Search Firm” award recognizes us for our revolutionary approach. We are extremely honored to have received this award. It confirms that we are on the right path with our methodology.

The recruitment of a new leader nowadays is no walk in the park. Times are changing rapidly and the impact on how we search for people has been tremendous. We should focus way more on the context to find the right candidates.

With our methodology, we hope to inspire others.

Curious to find out more about our methodology? Read it here.

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