Where we make the difference

Our refreshing approach ensures that any organization: 

  • Balances the long-term measures of success with the short-term effectiveness;
  • Balances the quantitative measures such as financials, market share, timeliness, with qualitative measures such as brand loyalty, trust, engagement, and reputation; 
  • Aligns every role and function with one another, so one part of the organization is not undoing or wasting time doing what others are doing at the same time; 
  • Links global reward policies, processes, and practices with the strategic intent and values of the organization. 


Having an effective organization design is crucial to meet its strategic goals. Structures need to be established on sound design principles.

Working with Accord Group means: 

  • A high performance organizational culture; 
  • Clear role accountabilities; 
  • Appropriate levels of empowerment; 
  • Improved performance management linked to accountabilities; 
  • A sound talent and succession management program; 
  • Personal and career development aligned to job level and potential; 
  • Opportunities for more focused coaching and mentoring. 

Organizational design needs to be dynamic and responsive to the external environment and facilitates rapid changes inside the organization in response to the external demands. 

With more than 20 years of industry experience, Accord Group can provide you with the most updated and relevant remuneration strategies to attract, to retain, and to reward top talent.