Where we make the difference

Successful search depends upon truly understanding the context - the match to strategic goals -  and being able to link the role and the person in a seamless way.

At increasing senior levels, the work requires executives to engage in: 

  • increasing ambiguity and complexity;
  • long-term vision and greater uncertainty;
  • a wider internal network of influence and collaboration;
  • a more proactive interaction regarding the external environment and a more strategic value contribution. 

Thanks to Valpeo we are able to identify the level and type of challenges within a role. Through focusing on the mental processing capability of the candidate, complexity and capability are aligned.

Our beliefs

Accord Group assists organizations in defining executive positions, identifying well-qualified and motivated candidates, and selecting those best suited through comprehensive quality assured search processes. 

Technical know-how or market / product knowledge is insufficient to build and sustain successful organizations. The quality of the judgments that people make is crucial to success. 
Appointing the wrong executive is not only a poor investment but also a lost opportunity. Not clearly identifying the challenges within a role often leads to wrong appointments. Senior executives have to embrace and work with the strategic dimension. 


Accord Group applies the Association of Executive Search Consultants’ Standards of Ethics and professional Code of Conduct. We:

  • Guarantee confidentiality of information received from clients and candidates;
  • Consider honesty, objectivity, and accuracy to be fundamental to its relationships with both clients and candidates and will not present misleading information to either party;
  • Undertake not to search for candidates inside a client organization for a two-year period following the completion of the last assignment (the “off-limits period”); 
  • Never present new offers of employment to candidates who have been placed, even after expiry of the off-limits period; 
  • Act as an independent advisor, aiming to provide an independent and objective opinion and will never try to 'sell' a candidate to a client;
  • Do not present the same candidate to two different clients simultaneously;
  • Never accept payment for assisting an individual in securing employment;
  • Do not pay to obtain a search assignment.

Accord Group operates under the following license numbers: VG.222.B  |  B-AB08.025  |  W.RS.517