Where we make the difference

Accord Group is the only services community working with Valpeo certified professionals. 

At Accord Group, candidates are not only selected based on acquired knowledge and experience, but they are also assessed to understand to what extent their judgment skills and the complexity of the assignment are aligned. 
Process optimization, strategic development, or identity development show another complexity and consequently make totally different demands on a transition manager beyond the experience level. 

Our Interim Executives' fees are transparent and benchmarked within traditional remuneration models for employees. 

Global reach

Accord Group is a reference in Certified Interim Leadership. 

Our 1.200 transition managers are experienced value creators who possess min. 20 years of experience in fields including Corporate and Social Responsibility, Corporate Finance, General Management, Human Capital, Information Technology, Innovation, Marketing & Sales, Supply Chain & Logistics. 

Accord Group is a member of Globalise, the world’s leading interim management group.


Accord Group applies the Executive Interim Management Standards of Ethics and professional Code of Conduct:

  • Acceptance - Accord Group guarantees that when it accepts the assignment, it will propose to the client Interim Managers within a week or – in case of urgency - within 48 hours; 
  • Personal intake – Accord Group will always have a personal intake discussion with the client. When required, the confidentiality of the information is guaranteed by a confidentiality clause;  
  • Candidates – Accord Group will only put forward Interim Managers who: 
    • have been thoroughly screened 
    • are available to carry out the assignment 
    • have signed a confidentiality agreement 
    • have given their permission for their application to be put forward for this specific assignment 
    • have professional liability insurance or are prepared to subscribe to one 
    • do not breach, by executing this contract, a specific non-competition clause 
  • Communication – Accord Group keeps the proposed Interim Managers up to date with the actual proceedings of the selection procedure.
  • Contract – Accord Group signs a best efforts contract with the customer and a subcontracting agreement with the Interim Manager. Both contracts are preferably signed before the assignment starts.
  • Ethics – Accord Group abides by the (fiscal and social) legislation and only applies honest business practices, not only in its contacts with clients but also with Interim Managers.