Non-executive director search

Nomination committees are increasingly using the services of Accord Group to identify, to select and to attract the best qualified Board members to ensure their independence and avoid potential conflicts of interest. 

Board review

Diverse Board membership and adherence to governance guidelines are not enough to ensure superior Board performance. Many recent crises or scandals happened even though the companies involved were apparently managed by prestigious Boards and Executive teams. 
Board processes and the quality of relationships between Directors are also key factors. 

We have developed a robust model for gathering data to evaluate Board effectiveness and to form a solid basis for planning systematic Board development initiatives, taking into account the specific constraints of their activity and shareholding structure.

Management review

The need for external advice and support during the performance appraisal process of senior managers and executives is increasing. 

For many years, we have helped Boards and CEO's of public bodies and private companies with their yearly performance appraisal of their top executives. To support this, Accord Group developed an online software-tool that allows us to carry out 360° performance appraisals in a timely and smooth fashion.