High predictive validity

Accord Group can help to appreciate, evaluate, and predict the capabilities and potential of individuals, teams, and organizations.

Our tools have a proven track record across a number of business sectors and are proven to be culturally and gender fair.

Scientific research shows that the use of processes developed by Elliott Jaques results in a predictive validity of min. 0.80 and thus exceeds the level of traditional assessment centers by far. 

We are convinced that the quality of an assessment process cannot be measured by the way that this process is organized but by the reliability of the prediction.

Thanks to Valpeo we are able to identify the level and type of challenges within a role. Through focusing on the mental processing capability of the candidate, complexity and capability are aligned.


When effective performance in a current role is used as the only criterion for promotion, it can lead to people being over-extended. This phenomenon of over-promotion is aptly described in “The Peter Principle” and refers to people being promoted until “they reach their level of incompetence.” An old adage, but still true today! 

Making effective judgments in the face of increasing complexity and ambiguity is the key to success. Inevitably these judgments become increasingly important at more senior levels in organizations where the uncertainties and the ambiguity increase. In addition, knowledge, skills, and experience play a role in supporting the judgments that people make. 

Supported with the research conducted by Elliott Jaques regarding the match between the capability of a person and the challenge in a role, Accord Group offers extended assessment and development services: 

  • Capability Analysis
  • Values Analysis
  • Personality Analysis
  • Competence based assessments 


  • We believe in complete transparency regarding the purpose and results with respect to customers and participants;
  • Our assessors have at least the same capability level as the participants;
  • We do not organize any assessments without a clear understanding of the intended position and the organization;
  • The price we set is a correct reflection of our time involvement;
  • It is possible for customers to follow the progress of an assessment at any point in time; 
  • We do not organize any group sessions to fully guarantee the privacy of our candidates;
  • Each participant in an assessment is received in a comfortable and separate room;
  • Each assessment or development session is followed by a personal feedback for both client and participant.