Our refreshing approach is built on the scientific principle that given the right conditions, individuals and organizations are self-regulating systems.

Our expertise is founded on unique insights, inspired by Elliott Jaques, a Canadian medical doctor and organizational psychologist, who was a pioneer in defining the interaction and the fit between the complexity of a function, role or organization and the mental processing capability of an individual.

By following over 100.000 people in 15 countries, Jaques could soundly demonstrate that the mental processing capability of a person to handle complexity is a determining factor in being successful in a role. As complexity rises, so does the required mental processing capability.

Based on Jaques’ theories, we distinguish 7 levels, from the most operational function to the most strategic role. These levels are valid for every type of organization: SME, non-profit, multinational, and public-sector.

Elliott Jaques also discovered that there is a 0.97 correlation between the mental processing capability of an individual and the different levels of complexity.